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Worldwide, equity markets attract a lot of attention. They are the subject of news articles, rumors, cocktail party talk and are generally associated with exciting people. Debt is considered uninteresting. Contrary to such notion, the debt market in most countries is so much bigger than the equity market that most of it is beyond the reach of ordinary investors. Institutional investors are the major players in the debt market trading in bonds worth tens of millions of Dollars. The debt market in India comprises basicallythree segments, viz., Government Securities - which is oldest and most dominant, PSU Bonds - which is basically a development since late eighties and Corporate Securities - which is growing fast after liberalisation, especially in the last two years.

Uniglobal represents Market Players and aids the development of the bond, money and derivatives markets with mission-specific objectives such as:

• To function as the principal interface with the regulators on various issues that impact the functioning of these markets.
• To Facilitate both the corporate and Banks to get the best Nominal Rates for the Debt Securities.
• To undertake developmental activities, such as, introduction of benchmark rates and new derivatives instruments.
• To adopt/develop international standard practices and a code of conduct in the above fields of activity.

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With respect to GOI bonds we provide Narrowest 2 way quotes Thorough emphasis will be on quality and not on quantity. Portfolio tracking and relevant advice. Maintainance of the SLR and CRR Ratio by selling the highest yielding securities without compromising on Liquidity. Identification of arbitrage opportuni ties available in the market thus benefiting the client. In case of State development Loans We Identify the best We Identify the best State Development loans that can enhance cleint portfolio. We help in the trading of these securities in most fair and practical manner Act as a bridge between 2 clients and facilitate Back to back deal. For this purpose the most Nominal brokerage will be charged by Uniglobal Securities ranging from .05 paisa to .15 paisa depending on the quantum of the deal.

In case Of State Guaranteed and non Guaranteed Bonds Monthly quotes of the securities Rating and authenticity of the Bonds (CRISIL, CARE, ICRA & FITCH) Facilitate easy sourcing of the Bonds to the client. Easy disposal of securities before the maturity date at the highest possible rate. We anticipate the changes that may take place in the future in the Debt market and accordingly advice our client base to make the necessary changes in their respective portfolio.

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