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Equity market in any country act as a prime engine of business finance. A vibrant equity market can channelise risk capital from the household to the industry.

A complex process of information - processing, risk taking, speculation, arbitrage, and incentives enables the equity market to balance the interests of a diverse set of participants. Consistent Wealth Creation for its Clients through successful investment ideas is the trademark of our organization. To offer quality research and recommendations to its Institutional and Retail clients to enhance their portfolio performance with specialized Research and Brokerage Services.

Indian equity market was formed with the birth of Bombay Stock Exchange in the year 1875. Presently there are 23 stock exchanges in India. The other major stock exchange in India is National Stock Exchange established in April of 1993. Since then it has undergone a sea change with :

• Corporatisation of Stock exchange
• Dematerialization of stocks
• Electronic trading of stocks
• Reduction in rolling settlement period.

These changes have been successfully absorbed by the market. Indian equity markets, dynamic as anywhere else in the world, have played an important role in wealth creation and given fund raising market more accessibility by providing the Indian individual and corporate anavenue to put their funds into and get a good return.

Improved prospects for the domestic macro-economy, the success of the reforms on the market design of the Indian equity market, and the global recovery of equities

have helped the markets to come back from the post- dotcom slump. The Equity Derivatives Market has grown dramatically ever since its inception in June 2000. With the commecement of trading in stock options in July 2001 and in futures trading on individual stocks in November 2001 the equity derivatives market in India has become one of the most successful derivatives markets amongst all countries in the third world.

In case Of State Guaranteed and non Guaranteed Bonds Monthly quotes of the securities Rating and authenticity of the Bonds (CRISIL, CARE, ICRA & FITCH) Facilitate easy sourcing of the Bonds to the client. Easy disposal of securities before the maturity date at the highest possible rate. We anticipate the changes that may take place in the future in the Debt market and accordingly advice our client base to make the necessary changes in their respective portfolio.

With continued demand from our clients, we now provide equity research, trading and DP services through one of our associate companies. We allow exposure of around 6 times of the margin money to our clients. The brokerage structure is as follows :

• Cash
• Derivatives

Our association with one of the best Equity Houses in India brings you the best of services, insight, research and information at the price of your neighborhood broker.

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