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Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market is the largest financial market in the world, with over $1.5 trillion changing hands daily. Unlike other financial markets, the forex market has no physical

location or central exchange, operating through an electronic network of banks, incorporations and individuals trading one currency for another.

Ever since India's forex reser ves started reaching unprecedented levels, the nation's policymakers have been confronted with a dilemma - how to cope with this embarrassment of riches? Companies have been allowed to retire overseas debt ahead of schedule, acquire foreign companies. Banks in India have been asked to confer convertibility status on a significant portion of their nonresident deposits. A Non-Resident Indian shareholder can easily shift investments between instruments listed in India and the underlying ADR/GDR listed abroad. Thus it would be fair to say that as far as conveniences on the personal and business front are concerned, the rupee is for all practical purposes, convertible. Given this easy convertibility its is essential that this also transits to the customer in an easy and efficient manner.

At Uniglobal we ensure that this transition process can be made as smooth as possible with state-of-theart Dealing Room and active participation in the local InterBank market.

Money Changing - We encash /exchange / sell Major Currencies & Travellers cheques for the Public, NRIs, Foreigners, RMCs, Banks & other customers at extremely competitive rates. In addition we offer Personal Accident Insurance Covers, Corporate gift schemes and Fx Club Reward points for travellers.

Advisory - Our Forex Information services are designed to provide relevant information to exporters / importers so as to help them take effective decisions for currency risk management, amidst a volatile & fluid forex market. The reports provide the customer live & comprehensive information on global currencies, forward premiums, international interest rates(Prime & Libor), and our analysis

and views on the same with relevant information on Commodoties, Metals etc. and a bird's eye view on stock movements in domestic market and overseas markets.

Consultancy - We offer consultancy services to companies in corporate finance, advise on JointVentures and Collaborations, project funding & secretarial functions. Functions include :

• Project Evaluation Studies
• Risk Management Solutions
• Project Financing
• Company Law and Secretrial matters
• Business Entry Strategies

Co-ordination - We offer liaison services for matters requiring approvals under Exchange Control laws from the ministry of Finance, Government ofIndia, New Delhi and Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai.

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