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Mutual funds are ideal investment vehicles for today's complex and modern financial scenario. Markets for equity shares, bonds and other fixed income instruments, real estate, derivatives and other

assets have become mature and information driven. Price changes in these assets are driven by global events occurring in faraway places. A typical individual is unlikely to have the knowledge, skills, inclination and time to keep track of events, understand their implications and act speedily. An individual also finds it difficult to keep track of ownership of his assets, investments, brokerage dues and bank transactions etc.

A mutual fund is the answer to all these situations. It appoints professionally qualified and experienced staff that manages each of these functions on a full time basis. The large pool of money collected in the fund allows it to hire such staff at a very low cost to each investor. In effect, the mutual fund vehicle exploits economies of scale in all three areas - research, investments and transaction processing. While the concept of individuals coming improved prospects for the domestic macro-economy, the success of the reforms on the market design of the Indian equity market, and the global recovery of equities together to invest money collectively is not new, the mutual fund in its present form is a 20th century phenomenon.

In fact, mutual funds gained popularity only after the Second World War. Globally, there are thousands of firms offering tens of thousands of mutual funds with different investment objectives.

Today, mutual funds collectively manage almost as much as or more money as compared to banks.

Me understand choosing a right mutual fund can be as tricky as a picking a right stock in equity market. The options are many need specialist advice upon selecting the one based on investment needs of investor.

Uniglobal believes in helping investors reap maximum benefit by delivering consistent performance through sensible investment practices. Backed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, we can make all the differ ence in managing your investments sensibly.

At Uniglobal we research and advise the right AMC as per needs of the invest or. Ninety percent of our clients come back to us for investment advisory in Mutual Funds. Servicing clients while keeping a continous track of their invest ments and performance of specific stocks is our endeavour. Staying ahead of the times, every time.

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