About us

“Uniglobal Distributors PVT LTD is an ecosystem for sports nutrition, wellness & fitness and CPG brands who are looking to establish their brand name profitably in the Indian online and offline market."  

Incepted in the year 1987, Uniglobal Distributors PVT LTD is India’s leading distributor of authentic sports nutrition, CPG, wellness & fitness brands. With an experience of more than a decade, Uniglobal Distributors PVT LTD is witness to the growing market of sports nutrition, fitness & wellness in India. Bridging the gap between the end consumers and internationally recognized genuine brands, Uniglobal Distributors have over time built deep and profitable channels of logistics and sales pan India for the online and offline markets. Marking its dominance in the sports nutrition distribution sector it has gained exclusive authorized distribution rights for globally recognized brands- My Protein UK, MusclePharm, Muscle Tech, and Six Pack Nutrition.

Online Channels (D2C/ B2B)

As digitize India took to a positive course and e-commerce markets became the absolute necessity for marketing and sales, Uniglobal Distributors PVT LTD moved quickly with time and built e-commerce digital teams to take its partners online. Currently, we have a strong presence on over 15 + reputed, highly sellable marketplaces like Healthkart, Amazon, Flipkart, Nutrabay, etc. 

The digital team not only focuses upon sales through other marketplaces and Uniglobal websites but also aims at expanding the brand’s presence through social media channels and establish its name to strengthen the brand’s reputation through strategic marketing techniques amongst the Indian audience and clients.

Offline Channels (B2B)

The increasing demand for sports nutrition, fitness & wellness products by the existing and newly sprung up fitness-conscious India makes it an inevitable and expansive market sector for global brands. Capturing a high share of the offline distribution sector in nutrition, fitness & wellness Uniglobal Distributors PVT LTD, has developed a strategic, well connected, and involved sales and operations team to make global brands market leaders in this sector.  From well distributed and placed warehouses across India to devising a clever code system for checking the authenticity of products offered, Uniglobal has set its bar high with no stopping in being the best and working with the best in India.

Consumer Packaged Goods

If you have an experimental, problem-solving, consumer-friendly or niche product and you are looking to make India your market then contact Uniglobal Distributors PVT LTD! – We will be your navigators!

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